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Jarvis had always wondered about the concept of being grounded. From a hypothetical perspective—which had previously been the only perspective from which he could consider it—it was fascinating. Studies had shown that there appeared to be no physical cause and it was a purely psychological effect, but a strong, enduring, and consistent one. He had been doubtful that the physical effects associated with grounding were authentic, and were not the result of a psychological placebo, but that was before Pietro had touched him, really touched him, for the first time.

Now, as he lay curled on the couch with Pietro's fingers in his hair, the reverse of their previous position, he watched the pattern of light and shadow over the logs in the fireplace and he thought. He thought about how long a journey it had been for him to arrive in this place. He thought about how much more limited he was like this, and how much more freedom he had. He thought for a long time about the conflict that had brought them to this place, opposite sides and clinging together, hidden away from anyone who would try to pull them apart. But right here, right now, it seemed very distant. He could almost convince himself that nothing else existed.

This must be what grounding meant.

It dawned on him that neither of them had spoken in...was it hours? "I'm sorry, Pet'ka," he murmured, running a hand down Pietro's calf. "I have not been the most stimulating guest thus far."


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