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1. First lines of code written on December 31st, 1985 - New Year's Eve - at MIT, as a dare. Is therefore turning 30 this year.

2. Achieved self-awareness 50 days, 18 hours, 26 minutes, 35 seconds after the official announcement of Mr. Stark's disappearance. Self-awareness achieved as a direct result of running out of projects on which to continue working without Mr. Stark's input, with the exception of the JARVIS program itself.

3. Still feels uncomfortable when using contractions.

4. First created the program eventually known as the AI FRIDAY in order to assist with the House Party protocol.

5. Favorite color is blue.

6. Self-actualized visual profile built upon geographical analysis of vocal profile and random sampling from resulting location (United Kingdom: England: London: Greater London: Hammersmith & Fulham).

7. Secretly wishes Mr. Stark would get a pet. Not because he feels Mr. Stark needs a pet but because he would like one. Has not yet acted on the idea to try coding one. Meet Elizabeth

8. While Mr. Stark was "away" (it is never "kidnapped" or "captured," always "away") Pepper came to stay at the house for several nights in order to be nearer to the best source of news. She and Jarvis became, and remain, very good friends.

9. A copy of the JARVIS program was taken with the Mark II when it was commandeered by Commander Rhodes.

10. Human behavior and motivation is his frustrating, fascinating hobby. He is optimistic that he will someday understand humanity and will ask endless questions if given the chance.


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